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Marshall-4 System General Information
Sponsored by: Gateway Civilian Command

The Marshall-4 System is the fourth in a line of habitable system discoveries by Marshall Galactic Exploration, Incorporated, an Eden corporation. Established in 2019, MGEI was dedicated to long-range colonization reconnaissance. Within five years of establishment, MGEI had found 3 habitable systems several hundred light years from Eden. In 2025, MGEI discovered their fourth system, containing what would become the current colony world of Monsoon.

Primary Star
The system is remarkable in many ways, the first of which is the primary star. Marshall-4 is a B-type star, burning hotly and brightly at the center of a system of four planets and an asteroid field. The system has no gas giants, only rocky, terrestrial bodies as the primary's formation largely depleted the protosystem of hydrogen and helium.

Marshall-4-1 & -4-2
The first two planets are small bodies, roughly the size and composition of Mercury (a J-type planet) in the Sol system. Without proper names, they are catalogued as Marshall-4-1(J) and -4-2(J). Though surveyed by automatic orbiters and found to have high metal concentrations, no exploration/exploitation plans are currently set for either planet.

The third planet out from the primary is Vesuvius, an H-type planet similar to Io in the Jupiter (Sol 5) planetary system, Sol System. The turbulent surface and caustic atmospheric conditions prohibit landing craft of any kind. No exploration/exploitation plans are currently set.

Asteroid Field
Between Vesuvius and the last planet in the system lays an asteroid field. Composed of rich nickel, iron, and other metals, the asteroid field has been extensively surveyed and some operations facilities have been fabricated. [One such facility, owned by the HighMark corporation, was recently destroyed (02/2051); Anti-UN rebels are suspected -Ed.]. So far, automated facilities have been highly profitable and have met only minimal resistance from environmental and preservationist groups.

The colony planet of Monsoon is a mostly rocky and inhospitable place with very small areas of extremely fertile lands in narrow bands of twilight around the planet. Monsoon is locked in its orbit with one side always facing towards Marshall-4. One side is continually blasted with radiation from the star while the other side is frozen into a solid sheet of ice and rock because it never sees the light of day. Life only survives in the narrow bands of perpetual twilight where the temperature isn't either scorching or freezing.

But, because of the amount of radiation received from Marshall-4, the planet redistributes the heat through the atmosphere creating a perpetual monsoon effect in the twilight regions, hence the planet's name. The heat rushes across the planet from the star side towards the cold side, resulting in continual thunderstorm conditions in these twilight areas where hot and cold literally collide.

The primary colony complex on-planet is Salvation, located in the temperate zone of Monsoon. The complex is large, housing most of the administrative staff for colony operations, as well as serving as a half-way transfer point between Starside and Nightside and Gateway. If there were to be a colonial government on the planet, Salvation would be the capital.

Originally, farming was planned for Salvation. Indeed, a lot of farming goes on there. But the native soil and insects have not been the most cooperative in this regard, so the primary focus has turned to coordinating and administrating the rest of the planet. All of the food grown at Salvation is kept in the Monsoon system by colonial policy.

On the star side, specialized mining operations have been set up to pull the planet's valuable minerals from the crust. Extremely rare alloys and compounds can be found in these regions because of the unique rotational characteristics. The constant radiation bombardment from the primary star has, overtime, penetrated the soil such that an abundance of radioactive compounds was created. Though the infrastructure necessary to extract these resources was expensive at the set-up phase, the scarcity of specific products has returned hefty profits for investors.

Geologists on "Starside," a special colony mining complex near Monsoon's equator on the sun side of the planet, predict that several hundred million metric tons of rare minerals, ores, alloys, and gems remain at the primary site. Additionally, surveys have shone satellite sites with possible yields ranging from a few hundred thousand metric tons to a few million metric tons.

These harsh conditions have necessitated heavy shielding and cooling for those who work and live there. At first, these operations were carried on remotely from Salvation, the main colony complex in the twilight regions, but, because of the valuable nature of operations, a permanent settlement was finally established. Starside, exists only through the orbital transport of water ice from Nightside, a base on the opposite side of the colony, and via the presence of an underground reservoir. All ice shipments pass through Gateway Station. Some of the water is shipped to Starside, but the majority of it is sent to processing facilities for eventual shipment to other colonies.

On the other side of the planet from Starside, Nightside station carries out the task of harvesting the ultra-pure water locked in the planet's crust. Via a process that still baffles scientists, the water on Monsoon's nightside requires little to no purification. This results in lowered costs for production purposes and because of the purity, a higher end-cost can be charged. The net outcome is a very high profit margin.

Like Starside, Nightside construction was expensive in earlier phases. Underground construction keeps Nightside protected from bizarre weather and allows the colony to tap a geothermal vent for heating purposes. In many respects, the plans for Starside and Nightside are almost identical because of their similar yet vastly different positional needs. Further, the Gateway Investor's Alliance has major stakes in both.

But, while Starside mines minerals and gems, Nightside harvests water and ice. A specific percentage of this water and ice is shipped to Starside via Gateway station, but most is shipped off-world for sale.

Gateway Station
Gateway Station has always been a hotbed of activity. It's location on the edge of UN-controlled space pretty much dictated that notion from the start. Part of that fact was good in that commerce came through the system in the form of shipping, hauling, mining, mineral processing and other commercial ventures. But Gateway had its fair share of mercenaries and other less savory types coming over from anti-UN space as well.

Upon hearing rumors of corruption, the UN Spacy sent a sizable force on a "fact-finding" mission to determine the veracity of such rumors. The rumors turned out to be quite true. The mission transformed into a limited engagement between UN, anti-UN and colonial militia forces. UN forces ended up occupying Gateway Station and taking over colonial governmental control in 2049.

The colony, since Occupation, has suffered heavily in the commercial sense. Many shipping corporations have declined to make runs out to the system and pirate elements have turned their rancor on the colony in the form of raids, harassment and sabotage. As a result, the sector in which Marshall-4 sits has become a full-fledged operational theater for Galaxy Patrol 2. Unfortunately, GP2's strength has been spread thinly because of increased rebel incursions into UN Space.

At the last update, the following ships were assigned to the Gateway Task Force, under the command of Col. Frances Warner:

Normandy-class Heavy Cruiser: CG-24 UNS Claymore (Flagship)
Soyukaze-class Destroyer: DDG-51 UNS Taurus
-class Stealth Frigate: FFG-823 UNS George Washington
-class Stealth Frigate: FFG-824 UNS Thomas Jefferson
-class Stealth Frigate: FFG-891 UNS Mikhail Gorbachev
-class Escort Carrier: CV-43 UNS Coral Sea
-class Escort Carrier: CV-72 UNS Hirohito

Gateway City Information Guide
Sponsored by: Gateway Investor's Alliance

Gateway Commerce Complex
The Gateway Commerce Complex (GCC), once completed, looks to be the home of many original boutiques and shops, attracting everyone from the continental teen to the conservative mother to the hardworking miner. The Gateway Investor's Alliance is on course to make GCC the premiere commerce center in local space.

Bar/Club - "Insomnia" Once complete, Insomnia will be the hottest spot inside Gateway Station. The basic layout is a triple-layered design. The club is shaping up to be a beautifully-detailed dance club and bar. The main bar can be found on the ground level, serving all types of alcohol from local brews to imports to the finest hard liquors and spirits. It also serves as the main seating area for the central stage featuring a wide variety of bands.

The stage itself is actually part of the open-faced second floor, helping to create a truly unique atmosphere. Bands are scheduled to play on a two day rotation, switching out once their stint is done. Music varies greatly. Check local listings and e-mail for more information.

The third level is primarily for dancing/raving, but people are free to mingle or party to their heart's content. The unique design of this tri-layered bar and club allows for patrons, regardless of what level they may be on at the time, to always see the other two levels.

Hours: Open 24 hours.

Now Open!

Entertainment - "Gaming Addiction" Gaming Addiction is the spot to go to for all your gaming needs. The setting is a two-story building with the ground level comprised of a bowling alley, "Moonlight Lanes"complete with old-fashioned, turn-of-the-century diner and bar. Step up to the second level to experience one of the galaxy's best arcades. You can be sure to find all of the latest and greatest video games on the second floor of "Gaming Addition." Memberships available.

Hours: Open 24 hours

Entertainment - "Arcade Classics" Arcade Classics hosts some of the most authentic replicas of classic, standup games from the late 20th to the early 21st century. Each unit evokes the feel of a bygone era of arcade gaming when standup and sit-down machines were the norm. Play such golden oldies as PAC-Man, Tron, Street Fighter II: Championship Edition, Mortal Kombat, the Resident Evil Series, Silent Scope 1 & 2, Afterburner and other old-time favorites. Memberships available.

Hours: Open 24 hours

Children's Clothing - "Ursa Minors" From toddlers to teens, Ursa Minors has it all. School supplies, work clothes, uniforms, shoes and everything in between, choose Ursa Minors for all of your kid-shopping needs.

Hours: Daily, 1000 - 2100

Cineplex - "Chiangs' Cineplex 35" Significantly bigger and better equipped than the Tower Cinema 10, the Cineplex 35 gives you every comfort you've come to expect from Chiang's. All theaters feature stadium seating with pull-up arm rests and reclining chairs. Screens 12 and 13 offer special Reclinazone™ seating with individual and double stadium recliners available. These Reclinazone screens are the only such screens in the Sector! Advanced booking required for Reclinazone™ theaters. All other screens are general admission during regular business hours.

Hours: Daily, First movie: 1045; Last movie: 0015

Computing - "Binary Code" Every gadget imaginable is under one roof at Binary Code. Let the experts guide you through this multilevel computer heaven. Digital music players, plasma computer screens, home VR games, the latest PDAs and more. If it's electronic, you'll find it at Binary Code.

Hours: Daily, 1200 - 0000

Department Store - "Britai's" Named for the famous Zentran commander, Britai's has a giant selection of goods for sale. Departments include men's, women's, children's, electronics, music, and books. There's even a grocery store in the basement! If one-stop shopping is on your mind, head over to Britai's to find everything under Marshall 4 and more!

Hours: Daily, 0900 - 2200

Grocery Store - "Tanooki Towne Grocers" Don't let the funny name fool you, bargain shoppers descend upon this money-saving mecca of all things related to food. Every conceivable foodstuff is packed neatly on a shelf, down one of 42 aisles. Don't worry, you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking with the interactive PDA program handed out free of charge at the entrance. Sure, it comes with the standard deluge of advertisements, but without it, you may not find your way out! Watch for the employee with a Tanooki hat as he or she gives out gift certificates and other prizes to lucky winners.

Hours: Open 24 hours

Men's Clothing - "Avant Garde" Owned by the same company as Belle's Boutique, Avant Guarde offers a similar fair for the well-dressed man. The prices are higher, but the fashion can't be beat. Areas include formal, business and evening attire as well as shoes and accessories. Private appointments available.

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday - Sunday: 1000 - 2100;
Wednesday and Thursday: Appointments Only

Music - "The Stairway" Music junkies should head on over to The Stairway, the first shop scheduled to open in GCC. This large music store is designed to fit its namesake; its floorplan is laid out like a large spiral staircase. But "The Stairway" doesn't just fulfill your basic music needs, it also has streaming video and audio feeds from all types of performers, modern or classic. Artists include Lynn Minmay, Sharon Apple, the infamous Fire Bomber as well as various other artists, including local bands. Stop in on Thursdays and Fridays during the Grand Opening Month and sample these services for free!

Hours: Daily, 1000 - 2100

News and Books - "The Book Den" Nothing can replace the feel of a hard back book in your hands as your turn the pages of the latest thriller by Hayabusha. At least, this is the philosophy of every employee at The Book Den. Of course The Book Den offers traditional ebooks, but this reader's paradise specializes in the real deal. The Book Den is rumored to own several First Editions from various authors, including some signed copies! During Opening Week, enter to win free books for life!

Hours: Daily, 1000 - 2100

Restaurant - "Slim Pickens" Down home cookin' is the order of the day at Slim Pickens. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, you'll find your hunger satisfied with large portions that won't wrangle your wallet. Try the Huevos Rancheros in the morning, the Chicken Enchiladas in green sauce at lunch, and the Giant Tostada Salad for an evening treat. Now matter when you come in, Slim Pickens will have a tasty meal waiting for you.

Hours: Daily, 0700 - 2100

Restaurant - "Korean BBQ" Straight from the Korean peninsula on Earth, Chef Kim Wuy Sic serves up the best in Asian BBQ. If you're vegetarian, don't worry because Korean BBQ also has an extensive non-meat menu. Korean BBQ also has a fresh sushi bar, with sushi happy hour from 2100 to close.

Hours: Daily, 1200 - 2300

Restaurant - "Pizza Express" Ah pizano! Need food in a hurry? Then Pizza express is your place. The chefs here serve up 5 different pizzas daily in addition to their main staple, pepperoni. Like your pizza inside-out? Try a calzone. Either way you go, you'll come away satisfied. With time to spare!

Hours: Daily, 1100 - 2100

Restaurant - "Fiorintino's" If swank and posh is more your scene, then Fiorintino's Italian tratorria is the place to be. Without a doubt, this taste of old world Italy will be the scene of Gateway's elite. With an ample stock of fine wines from Eden and other Earth-like colonies, Fiorintino's aims to please the palate. Impeccable service is the norm and high prices make it all happen. But the experience is worth every credit. Reservations required. Dress code strictly enforced.

Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 1700 - 2300;
Closed Sunday - Tuesday

Restaurant - "Nagoya Sushi" With servers and chefs who speak the language and know the meaning of service, every trip to this upscale sushi restaurant is one to remember. Priced higher than most restaurants, the sushi is top-notch and served in traditional styles. If you prefer more modern fare, Nagoya Sushi also offers all the latest twists on the sushi theme. To top it all off, they offer their own house saki. Reservations recommended.

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 1700 - 0000;
Closed Mondays

Restaurant - "India My India" If spicy curry dishes are more your idea of good food, then India My India should satiate your hunger. A better, more authentic sub-continental experience cannot be found anywhere else on the Rim. What's more, India My India also offers Southeast Asian dishes from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. To complete the atmosphere, the owners have covered the walls with wild scenes ranging from tropical forests in Thailand, the flatlands of India and the coasts of Malaysia. Make sure to try the spicy curry chicken in coconut milk, grown right here on Monsoon!

Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 1200 - 2300;
Closed Monday & Tuesday

Restaurant - "Posh" The name says it all. Next to Fiorintino's, a more austere eatery is impossible to find. The linens are white, crisp and clean. The silverware is real and polished. Everywhere you can hear the ringing of crystal glasses. While the portions may seems stingy to some, those in the know recognize the quality. A fine selection of wines and spirits accompany the best meals. For a true slice of heaven, try the filet mignon of certified Eden beef.

Hours: Thursday - Sunday, 1700 - 2300;
Monday - Wednesday, 1200 - 1700; closed for remainder of day for special engagements

Specialty - "Monsoon Gems and Minerals" Any Starside miner will tell you that Monsoon has some of the strangest and rarest gems in the galaxy. Take their word for it and stop by Monsoon Gems and Minerals to see just what they mean. Due to the value of many of the items in the shop, Management asks that all guests submit to a level-2 scan before entering. But the scan is well worth the sight of Monsoon's signature gem, the Starside Ruby. Monsoon Gems and Minerals is home for the galaxy's largest uncut Starside Ruby, named after the mining complex where they are found. Nowhere else can you see the exquisite beauty and endless complexity of a Starside Ruby except for Monsoon Gems and Minerals. Private Appointments available.

Hours: General Public: 1000 - 1500; Private Appointments: 1700 - 2000;
Closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Sporting Goods - "Everything Sports" Just like the name implies, this sports store has everything for every sport. Rock climbing to inline hockey to 0g gymnastics, Everything Sports has you covered. For those of you not so athletically inclined, Everything Sports also has chess, RPG supplies, darts, billiards and more. If you don't see something you like, you can always order from their in-store catalogue. Delivery guaranteed in 1 week, or your item is free.

Hours: Daily, 1000 - 2100

Tourism - Gateway/Monsoon Tourism Agency
[Approval for this establishment is pending with UN Military Command. All inquiries should be sent to: UN Mil. Com., Public Affairs Office, Box 79152, Gateway Station.]

Women's Clothing - "Belle's Boutique" Belle's offers some of the latest fashions in women's clothing. Though on the pricier side, Belle's keeps those who want to be "en vogue" up to date in every area including evening wear, shoes, accessories, formal and business attire. Private appointments available.

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday - Sunday: 1000 - 2100;
Wednesday and Thursday: Appointments Only

Women's Clothing - "Unlimited" Unlimited has a wide range of women's clothing ideas at an affordable price. Selections include shoes, jewelry, accessories, lingerie, work dress and uniforms.

Hours: Daily, 1000 - 2100

Gateway Station Services Area Directory
(Not Affiliated with GCC or GIA)

The Gateway Station Services Area (GSSA) is adjacent to the newly developed GCC, but is not affiliated with GCC or the Gateway Investors Alliance. Unless otherwise indicated, all stores are independently owned and operated.

Bar - "The Cantina" This establishment is one of the original inhabitants of Gateway Station with GCC growing up nearby. Starting out as the only watering hole for miners, spacers and other visitors to Gateway Station, the Cantina has maintained its own brand of "charm" from the old days of commerce and free trade. Boasting the only pool tables on-station, The Cantina is a draw for the best billiards players in the sector. The Cantina is also known to pour the best drinks on-station, including a special Cantina Moonshine whose recipe remains a mystery to this day.

Hours: Open 24 hours.

Cinema - "Tower Cinema 10" An oldie but a goodie, the Tower Cinema is Gateway Station's first movie house. Though it doesn't have the same flash as the new Chiang's, Tower Cinema is a good place to go for second-run movies and cheaper prices. Once a month, locals come out for a traditional showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," still running strong after so many years! Military discounts available.

Hours: Daily, First movie: 1200; Last movie: 2345

Convenience Store - "340" Named for the number of days in a Monsoon year, 340 is also how many days this local convenience store is open. Any small item you can think of is housed in this smartly laid out shop. When you just don't want to bother with lines at the Commissary or Tanooki Towne Grocers, 340 is the perfect stop for small item shopping.

Hours: Open 24 hours.

Grocery Store - "The Commissary" All of your grocery needs can be met with a trip to the Commissary. The bakery section has fresh breads and pastries daily. The deli has all of the finest meats, including local fish selections and fresh sushi boxes. It's hard to beat the Commissary's prices, so lines can be long. But this store opens early and offers early-bird specials for early-risers.

Hours: Daily, 0500 - 2300

Restaurant - "Arroyo Seca" Get ready for some of the spiciest food this side of the old American Southwest. Arroyo Seca has the Sector's best enchiladas, burritos, pepper steak and sizzling fajitas. Aye caramba! Reservations recommended Fridays and Saturdays.

Hours: Daily, 1100 - 2300

Restaurant - "Colony Cuisine" In the mood for burgers, fries and continental treats? Look no further than Colony Cuisine, home of contemporary French meals with a colonial flair. Chef Trent Dejournett cooks up his version of French classics every night! Colony Cuisine also serves breakfast, one of the few places on Gateway that does. No matter when you come, you'll be pleased with the menu and the price. Reservations recommended.

Hours: Daily, 0530 - 2300

Restaurant/Bar - "Chairman Mao's" The owners of Chairman Mao's pay homage to the Chinese revolutionary by plastering every square inch of their place with flags, busts and every kind of memorabilia imaginable. Excellent and inexpensive Chinese food is served all day, but many come for what happens at night. At 2100 hours, half of the tables are turned up and a dance floor is made to accommodate the inevitable crowd that gathers for happy hour. From 2100 - 0100, 30 credits gets you all-you-drink from the bar and admission to the dance floor. UN Security may not like it, but the local sure do because nothing like Chairman Mao's can be found anywhere in the galaxy, except for the original, still located at 3 Canton Street, Boat Quay, Singapore, Earth.

Gateway Plaza and the Gateway Station Services Area are under 24 hour surveillance by UN Security Forces. However, the Plaza is not without its "hot spots" and Security asks that all patrons mind their personal belongings and to keep aware of their surroundings. Additionally, black market sales and purchases are subject to immediate confiscation of goods and imprisonment for not less than 5 years.

Thank you for your cooperation.
-UN Security

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