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Site Update and Eagle Marines Come Aboard - 2002.10.14

Ladies and gentlemen, we have four new players on Detachment Gamma. Formerly of the stealth frigate UNS Eagle's MARDET, these groundpounders have been called into the service of UN Intelligence and are here to fight for the cause. When you have a chance, say "howdy" to GySgt. Rayanne Dawson (Snowguard), LCpl. Rembrandt De Los Santos (Reaper), PFC Teruo Shigeru (Garbage), and Pvt. Nick Rivel (Drizzt O Durden). They've been around the block a few times, so you can expect the best.

In other news, I've done a little revamping of the website. Corrected a few errors here, added some character bios there. What? Your bio is incomplete? Well, I did fill in as many holes as my straining eyes could. But perhaps it might be a good idea to get the missing information into me as quickly as possible. Especially since I've done most of the grunt work for you and because you all know how I hate incomplete projects...

Please check your bio for errors, omissions, etc. and submit corrections to me. Make sure to have "Detachment Gamma Corrections" in the header or else it might not make it past my spam filter.

Also, I've expanded the information available on the Marshall-4 System, Gateway Station, Salvation, Nightside, and Starside. If you find errors, omissions, etc. there, please let me know.

I STILL NEED A Q-GM! Actually, I need two, but I'll take anything over nothing at this point. The opportunities that I will have, like this last weekend, to work on the website, plotlines, etc., are dwindling fast. So, in order to maintain, I need help and soon. Heather has been doing her best to wrangle a GM for me, but so far has come up empty. That means it's up to you players to help out in the search as well. This is your game, afterall, and if you don't want it to suffer, then I'm going to need an assistant (or two!) before the Holidays arrive.

* * * * *

On a different note, Detachment Gamma is currently tangled up in a complicated skein of sabotage, rebellion, and subversion. Will our dauntless heroes manage to unravel the mystery? Check out the boards, to find out...

-Mr. Justice

Site and News Updates - 2002.06.19

After much neglect, I've managed to update certain portions of the site, mostly for spelling and grammar errors. I'll also be looking to add character profiles and pictures this weekend, but since I'm still getting the hang of DreamWeaver, it might take a little longer than I expect. Check back often for updates. If you haven't turned in your character bio, then you are WAY overdue; get it in ASAP. Ditto for pictures, though I understand that finding just the right photo can be time consuming. Just do your best to find a pic as you can. The character bios though... I want them yesterday.

As is probably clear to most people, we've lost a few players/GMs since our start. P-GM Ramza and Q-GM Otter both had RL pressing upon them, thus they gave up their GM duties to quell the uprisings. Wish them good luck.

From the player standpoint, we lost Verythrax for good, it seems. Our Brazilian connection and would-be Webmaster slid off the radar sometime in March or April. Despite repeated hails, I've heard nothing from him.

At the same time, however, we have two new characters joining the team: Ardra Roynish, who will be one of the officers on the Strike Team, and Alexa Worthington, who will replace Tobias Trancoso. Both are excellent writers and players and should be wonderful additions to Detachment Gamma. Give them a hand and say "hi".

My schedule is very busy this summer, so I apologize if I seem not as attentive as I was before. Rest assured, I'm not going to let you all hang in the breeze; I have lots of fun in store. A lot of it will rest, however, on posting speed, something I think could use a little kick in the ass. This has also been the #1 complaint from players. As such, I'm implementing the following posting scheme and I'm going to be a real hard-ass about it, unless you inform me ahead of time about not being able to post.

*Miss 1 deadline, no biggie; everyone gets a freebie.
*Miss 2 in a row, something bad will happen; you'll have to RP it out to continue.
*Miss 3 in a row, or don't appropriately RP out your 2nd miss, your character will be killed.

If anyone has a problem with this scheme, please make your feelings heard on the GenDis, else, that's the plan.

Now, I realize that computers are oftentimes fickle and have a tendency to crash when we need them the most. I have been there myself. Unfortunately, that will not save you from GMly wrath if you don't keep us informed. E-mail me from school or a friend's house or a neighbor's house. E-mail me from the Internet Cafe down the street. E-mail me from a stranger's computer. Tell someone else on the AMRN to contact me about your situation. I don't care how you do it, but find some way to contact me.

In today's society, even if your home PC crashes, there are many, many ways to contact me and keep me informed as to your situation such that I do not smite your character for you being absent. Catastrophic failure is no longer an excuse I will accept unless informed about it at some point. Sorry kids, but them's the breaks.

New Sites and Sights on Gateway Station - 2002.02.19

Over the course of today, I've done some work expanding what characters will see onboard Gateway Station, especially down in the Gateway Commerce Complex and surrounding environs. I've added many new locations, including shops, restaurants and grocery stores. During off-duty time (and perhaps while on assignment), characters will have several options to while away the time. Remember that Gateway Station is in the middle of a revamp as UN Security forces dig in deep and the civilians onboard attempt to make the most of their lives (and turn a profit).

Enjoy, everyone.

-Mr. Justice

Detachment Gamma Welcomes New P-GM - 2002.02.10

Detachment Gamma has a new member in Ramza who will be a P-GM. Some of you may know Ramza as Lt. Takemi Nirasawa from Galaxy Patrol 4. Most of you will come to know him as the new definition of pain. ^^

"P-GM" is a relatively new position to the AMRN. It stands for "Potential-GM" and is essentially a training position and program created by Heather. After a training period, the P-GM is evaluated and usually "promoted" to Q-GM after that with all rights and privileges thereto. Given the quality of Ramza's work to date, I don't expect that to take too long.

So, while Ramza settles in, please afford him the same jeers, rude remarks and snide comments you would reserve for the rest of us GMs. I'm sure Ramza wouldn't have it any other way.

-Mr. Justice

A-GM and Q-GM Needed - 2002.02.06

Think you have what it takes to run with the big dogs? Well, Detachment Gamma is looking for a few good GMs. We're currently looking for 1 A-GM and 1 Q-GM for a variety of duties which include (but are not limited to): story development, site development, infrastructure, character scenarios, gaming and of course having fun.

Applicants should understand up front that UN Intelligence is a very time-intensive game. We run on tight deadlines here and that goes for players and GMs alike. Timing is a big element in increasing game tension and player enjoyment. A-GMs are expected to be able to post 2-3 times per week during peak playing as well as being available to work on side projects. Q-GMs will also need to be availble 2-3 times per week, but will usually be engaged in helping A-GMs with their respective duties.

Anyone interested in becoming an A- or Q- GM for Detachment Gamma should email me. Please include your name, e-mail address, other characters on the AMRN, other GM duties (if any), GM experience (if any) and why you want to become a member of the team. Applications should have "Intel GM Application" in the title or it might not make it past my spam filter.

Any questions can be asked in e-mail or on the General Discussion Board.

Site Is Up and We're Rolling! - 2002.02.05

Thanks to the efforts of Verythrax Draconis, Detachment Gamma has a website! Everyone, a nice hand for Verythrax, if you please. Many things will be added over the next couple of days so keep checking back for more updates.

The site is limited, as you can see, and we're taking suggestions. Please e-mail them to me. Make sure you have "Intel Website Suggestion" in the title, or it might not make it past my spam filter.

Also, all players need to turn in a small bio and picture of their character for the character database. Information should just cover the basics of what someone would be able to find running a low-level search. We don't need all of the intimate details (that's just for us GMs to know about, heh, heh, heh...), but we do need something. I know finding a picture can be hard, so turn that in when you can. .JPG format, if you please. But Character Bios need to be in to me by the end of February. Stop your whining, because that's more than enough time. Failure to turn in character bios may result in Bad Things happening.


On a different note, the intrepid members of Detachment Gamma are currently in briefing, receiving the details of their latest mission. Tune in for more details...

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