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Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon

Reborn on Earth as Tsukino Usagi, Sailor Moon is the Moon Princess of the Silver Millennium and the future Neo-Queen Serenity. Her unique hairstyle, two ponytails of long hair fastened by buns, has caused more than one person to refer to her as "odango atama" (dumpling-head). The twin tails speak of Usagi's legacy; they are the hairstyle of the Moon royalty.

At first quite overwhelmed by her destiny, Usagi has since grown and matured into her role as Princess and future Queen. She still harbors a passion for life, a love for making new friends, and a sense of right and wrong that she will cling to ferociously, destiny be damned.


Name: Tsukino Usagi
Birthday: June 30
Sign: Cancer
Bloodtype: O
Favorite Color: white, pink
Hobbies: eating, sleeping
Favorite Food: sweets

Least Favorite Food: carrots
Favorite Subject: home economics
Worst Subject: Math, English
Has trouble with: dentists, ghosts
Strong Point: caring for others
Dream: to be a bride
Favorite Gemstone: diamond
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