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January 30, 2005 - Astronomer Boris Tynon discovers a previously undetected A4-type white dwarf star 31.64 parsecs (103.08 ly) from Earth. The star is given the designation Tynon 233.

August 12, 2018 - The planet New Kara, located approximately 27 light years from Earth, is settled by members of Megaroad 4.

March 13, 2034 - Exploration ship "Frontier" discovers an Earth-sized planet orbiting Tynon 233 at great distance. The planet's location is plotted and is named Gehenna.

April 2035 - A group discontented with New Unity Government rule forms on New Kara and begins to proliferate. Through the use of propaganda and by other means, dissatisfaction spreads to a number of the colony's citizens. Weapon sales to the colony (both white and black market) gradually increase.

February 2041 - Using warships purchased from the black market and from UN Spacy New Karan rebels begin passive-aggressive strikes against UN Spacy targets. Following the annihilation of a way station 13 light years from New Kara, the UNS begins an investigation into the unknown rebel group.

December 2041 - The investigation determines that the new rebel group is tied to the New Kara colony. In retaliation, an embargo is immediately put in place and a small patrol fleet is dispatched to isolate and destroy any military resistance. On New Kara, a civil war ignites between rebel and loyalist factions. Realizing they have been discovered, the core of the rebel group (consisting of the private military branch of New Kara and about 1/9 of the colony population, approximately 24 thousand people in total) evacuates the planet and journeys to the Rim area.

January 2042 - Exploration ship "Frontier", on its return voyage to Earth after a 14-year expedition, comes upon the evacuating rebels and is captured. Investigation of the ship's computer reveals the location of the planet Gehenna and other useful information. The Frontier is indoctrinated into the fleet and the crew decides to join. The rebel fleet immediately folds to the isolated planet. Settlement proceedings are started at once.

March 15, 2047 - The Anti-UN military colony of Gehenna is officially founded, under the title of the Colonial Liberation Army. The chain of command is created and eight ships are listed in active duty. One Oberth-class is assigned to close colony support, four Vandal-class are assigned to patrol groups and escort, two Stargazer-class are assigned to strike operations, and the Frontier is allocated for exploratory purposes.

October 16, 2047 - Colonel Joshua Farrell is promoted to Major General and is assigned to the Lockyer, one of the two Stargazer-class ships in service. In addition, the Thanatos Special Forces Squadron (renamed Thanatos Squadron) is transferred to the Lockyer.

January 12, 2051 - Vandal-class ship Lombard discovers the wreckage of the rebel vessel Nighthawk. The crew is rescued and incorporated into the CLA forces. The Nighthawk is deemed a loss and scrapping operations begin under the guidance of the former engineering crew.