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A. Command Tower
B. Officer's Quarters
C. Crew's Quarters
D. Forward Weapons Section
E. Engineering Section
F. Flight Deck
G. Main Cargo Hold
H. Electronic Warfare Suites
I. Navigation and Control Tower


01. The Bridge
02. Main Mess and Assembly Hall
03. Observation Deck
04. Main Launch Hangars
05. Main Cargo Hold Airlock
06. Sensor Array
07. Command Information Center (CIC)
08. Main Sub-Light Drives
09. Fusion Reactor Core
10. Hyperspace Fold System
Ship Type
    Assigned personnel 319
    Combat troops 56
  Total crew: 375
    Length 250 meters
    Height 72 meters
    Weight 1,200 tons
  Main Engine: OTEC/General Galaxy reactor
  Auxiliary Engine: OTEC/Centinental impulse drive
  Gravity Control System: OTEC/Shinnakasu Gravity Control System
  Fold System: OTEC/General Galaxy advanced fold system
Weapon Systems
    Main Laser Cannons 2
    Heavy missile launchers 2
    Anti-Warship Cannons 8
    Retractable laser turrets 13
    Retractable missile turrets 6
Fighter/Mecha Complement
    VF-11 Thunderbolt 18
    VF-11 Thunderbolt w/Full-Armor 8
    Pheyos Valkyrie 8
  Number of combat-ready mecha: 34
  Auxiliary Vehicles:
    ES-11D Cat's Eye 3
    SC-27 Star Goose 2
Outer Hull
  Top Outer Hull:
    Anti-warship cannons 2
    Retractable laser turrets 4
    Airlocks/access hatches 8
    Sensor/Communications antennae 2
  Side Outer Hull:
    Main laser cannons 2 (1 on each side)
    Heavy missile launchers 2 (1 on each side)
    Anti-warship cannons 4 (2 on each side)
    Retractable laser turrets 6 (3 on each side)
    Retractable missile turrets 6 (3 on each side)
    Airlocks/access hatches 12 (6 on each side)
  Bottom Outer Hull:
    Anti-warship cannons 2
    Retractable laser turrets 3
    Airlocks/access hatches 8
Design Notes
  • Hyperspace communications: These powerful broadcast arrays are used to communicate with bases and other ships out of range of standard systems. Range is unknown, possibly unlimited.
  • Stealth composition: The hull of the Lawrence is composed of materials that aid in reducing the Lawrence's radar reflection. In addition, the hull construction itself is designed to scatter radar waves, thus making the vessel extremely hard to track at long ranges.