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 Pheyos Valkyrie

    Pheyos Valkyrie
    Feious Valkyrie
  UN reporting name: EVA (Enemy VAlkyrie), Enemy Valkyrie
    All-environ two-mode variable fighter.
In 2030 November, several Zentradi elements revolted on Earth, culminating in the Second [Defensive] Battle of Macross City. During these incidents, former Zentradi soldiers (which had earlier deserted the 63254109th Zentradi Outer Space Army) captured a VF-X-11 equipped with a fold booster. Thereafter, UN pilots began reporting sightings of a previously unknown variable combat device. This device, which they codenamed "Enemy Valkyrie" or "EVA" (pronounced "i-va"), shocked the United Nations Forces with its speed, power, and transformability. It incorporated the UN Forces' variable fighter technology with the Zentradi Army's power suit technology, and its capabilities appear to approach, if not exceed, those of the UN's VF-19 and VF-22.
Design Features
Implementation and combination of Zentradi and UN technology; sufficient thrust for attaining orbital velocity over a Earth-class planet; vertical T-O and landing (VTOL).
Landing Gear
Retractable tricycle undercarriage. Two steerable nosewheels and twin coupled mainwheels retract rearward.
Power Plant
Two unidentified 168000 kg class (maximum instantaneous thrust in space) thermonuclear turbine engines. In atmosphere, the engines use air as coolant/propellant, but due to problems of cooling efficiency the maximum thrust is limited to 40% to 60% of thrust in space. Numerous high maneuverability vernier thrusters.
Flying Controls
Utilizes an enhanced developmental version of Queadluun-Rau's systems. Conventional digital flight control system.
One pilot wearing a Tactical Life Support System with upper and lower g-suits and pressure breathing; completely shielded, pressurized cockpit. Conventional digital flight control system with side-stick controller.
Chest-mounted beam guns 2
    SMM 12 micro-missile launcher (arms) 2
    SMM 30 micro-missile launchers (main body) 4
    Length 22.40m
    Height 5.22m
    Wing Span 19.20m
Weight and Loadings
    Weight empty 13560kg
    Standard T-O weight 45717kg
  Fighter mode
    Max level speed at 10000 m Mach 6.8+
    Max level speed at 30000+ m Mach 26+
  Battroid mode
    Max surface level speed 352Kph