"I say we make like old lady O'Leary's cow if we need to."
-Will Klinger, Foxfire, GP4

UNS Academy

Galaxy Patrol Four
UNS Phoenix
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Sound Force

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This is the homepage for Macross 2051, a group of games set in the Macross universe. The information on this page applies to all games; check each individual game's web site for more information on that particular game.

Macross 2051 is a canonical game; that is, we strive to be as Macross-like as possible. Our main source of information for Macross canon, aside from the links on this page, is the Macross Compendium by Egan Loo.

Above all, though, the goal is to have fun! So don't be afraid to try new things. Your GM might reward you!

Note: All who wish to participate in a Macross 2051 game must have had at least one character go through the Academy. A basic character sheet and a valid, working email address are required for entrance into the Academy. (A Fuzion character sheet is recommended but never required.) Please send all Academy applications to the Academy Recruiting Office.

U.N. Military Forces
-Galaxy Patrol Four-
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The Galaxy Patrol Four fleet acts as the police of Spacy territory, operating mostly in known sectors but occasionally venturing into the unknown. She is the long arm of Spacy law. As the fleet rarely stops at a port, her flagship, the UNS Etrakis, houses civilians as well as Spacy personnel.
-UNS Phoenix-
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In a time of galactic expansion and internal struggle, warriors plucked from beleaguered, dying task forces and fleets are given the chance to rise again, to protect their way of life the only way they know how. The UNS Phoenix heralds the advent of this new age.

-UN Intelligence: Detachment Gamma-
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"Call us 'advanced recon'or ‘forward elements' or 'spec ops' or whatever you want to call us to help you feel better at night. We sure as hell don't care, but you better not call us an oxymoron. Because without UN Intelligence, all of that firepower, all of those people on board those ships holding the collective leash of those roughnecks, it's all wasted without a target. Information, dear sir, is the biggest and the best weapon you can have and we're the ones who get that for you."

-Sound Force-
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This is the home of the Macross 12 colony fleet, an intrepid band of Spacy personnel and civilians thrown together into a political mix and united by the power of song.

Anti-U.N. Military Forces
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In the unknown and uncharted sectors--and even in a few of the known sectors--rebels, terrorists, and pirates plot their next move against the tyranny of the U.N. Spacy.