Fourth Galaxy Patrol of the United Nations Spacy



All persons wishing to play on Galaxy Patrol Four must send a complete character sheet to Illusion for approval. Fuzion stats are not required; however, a detailed history and description of the character's personality are. Please see the main Macross 2051 site for information on how to make a good character sheet.

Recruitment for GP4 is always the right people. If there is not room for a particular character but that character is extremely impressive, allowances will be made. Similarly, if there is room in a squadron but an applicant's roleplaying and/or character sheet are sub-par, that applicant will not be invited to join the board. These decisions are made solely by Illusion, who reserves the right to admit/deny applicants without explanation.

Often, Illusion will recruit directly from the Academy, selecting characters who have impressed her. If you are in the Academy and this has not happened to you, you are free to send in your character sheet; an oversight may have been made.

NOTE: The Jolly Rogers are a special operations force. As such, admission into the team is determined by the commanding officer. Interested parties are to apply to the CO directly.


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