Fourth Galaxy Patrol of the United Nations Spacy



  [ 2010 ]

    Space War I concludes

  [ 2012 ]
    First Defensive Battle of Macross City Human Emigration Project publicly announced
    Megaroad-01 launches, the first long-distance colonization fleet

  [ 2013 ]
    Close range colonization fleets are launched to find suitable planets within 100 light years of Sol System.
    Groombridge 1816: The first colony is founded. It is named, "Eden."

  [ 2014 ]
    The first Galaxy Patrol fleet is created by UN Spacy. It's purpose is to keep the peace within the New Unity Government's territory. Galaxy Patrol One shows her worth by decimating a small Zentraedi fleet hell bent on leveling Eden.

  [ 2016 ]
    Galaxy Patrol 4 is assembled and sent out to patrol the border regions. 3 weeks later, the fleet encountures a fleet of 20 Zentraedi ships, and promptly destroys them.

  [ 2016-2030 ]
    Several small brushfires are quickly extingished, along with several Zentraedi ships. This is a time of relative peace. Galaxy Patrol 4 becomes known as Galaxy Four to her crew members.

  [ 2031 ]
    Galaxy Four is recalled to Earthspace for a massive refit of the entire fleet. The four lead carriers are tasked to be replaced outright by the new Ark Royal class.
    July 13:
    The entire crew of a lone UN Spacy Queadol-Magomilla mutiny. They dub themselves the Badolza, rename the ship, Badolza's Wrath, and vanish.

 [ 2032 ]
    Febuary 7:
    Galaxy Four is relaunched with Admiral Gregory Masters at the helm. His flagship is CV-147 Lexington. The Fleet CAG is Colonel James Taggert.
    May 22:
    The Badolza reappears, intercepting a short range colony fleet. The fleet is quickly overwhelmed and destroyed. Galaxy Patrol 5 comes to the scene, but is unable to find any trace of the Badolza.
    Rouge Zentraedi flock to the Badolza, which soons boasts it's own fleet of 45 ships.
    October 1:
    Galaxy Four fighter squadrons encounture Badolza pod squadrons and soundly defeat them. Recovered wreakage indicates a base near or in the Mortara Asteroid Field.
    October 12:
    The Battle of Mortara: Galaxy Four does indeed find the Badolza base, however, the main fleet is not there. 7 Zentran ships are destroyed, at the cost of the UNS Thor and UNS Ajax, both Maizuru ARMDs.
    October 17-November 14:
    The Four Weeks of Hell: Galaxy Four and the Badolza's Wrath fleet engage in a four week running battle away from the heart of UN Spacy territory, leaving both forces on the point of collaspe. Galaxy Four turns away at the end, letting the Badolza escape. The Badolza vanish, with 16 ships left to the fleet. Galaxy Four sustained 78% losses to her fighter crews, as well as 6 Northampton frigates, one Maizuru, and 2 Ark Royals destroyed.
    December 24:
    Galaxy Four staggers back into Earthspace for a long refit. The fleet is nearly disbanded, but the Battle of Mortara has put them back into the public eye, and so in the name of good PR, it is decided to rebuild Galaxy Four instead.

 [ 2033 ]
    Galaxy Four is slowly refitted and rebuilt. Admiral Masters is quietly forced to resign from the UN Spacy due to the horrendus losses that Galaxy Four suffered. Vice Admiral Rebecca Tomlin is his replacement. In a remote part of the galaxy, the Badolza likewise rebuild their forces, gathering the Zentraedi who wander the area. In a stroke of obscenely great luck, they find a Nupetiet-Vergnitzs bis mothballed in a desolate system.
    December 24:
    Once again, Galaxy Four is relaunched, to great public fanfare.

 [ 2034 ]
    March 29:
    The Badolza return to UN Spacy territory, announcing it by destroying 3 fledgling colonies. Led by the Nupetiet-Vergniztzs bis, Badolza's Judgement, the fleet now numbers over 60 vessels of various classes and sizes, as Galaxy Patrol 8 found out, shortly before being destroyed.
    The ranks of the Badolza continue to swell, as Anti-UN rebels join the Zentraedi, giving them a near unity.
    Galaxy Four begins to pace the Badolza Fleet, leading to several small skirmishes.
    June 10-12:
    The Battle of Nu Thermopylae: With reinforcements delayed, Admiral Tomlin put Galaxy Four right in the Badolza's path, in a last ditch effort to buy the rest of the fleet some time. The small fleet is nearly annialated by in the three day battle. On June 11, Admiral Tomlin realized the hopelessness of the situation, and rammed the Lexington into Badolza's Judgement, hoping the loss of the enemy flagship would demoralize them. Though she would never know this, Rebecca Tomlin was quite correct. The shock of their flagship being destroyed gave the remnants of Galaxy Four enough time to reform for one final attack. However, on June 12, much to everyone's surprise, Galaxy Patrols One, Two and Seven fold in, behind the new flagship of Galaxy Patrol One, the Macross Battle Carrier UNS Prometheus (yes, named after the original Macross's arm.) With some help from the Macross Cannon, the three fresh Galaxy Patrols are able to mop up the Badolza fleet rather quietly, with the remains fleeing to the corners of the Galaxy.
    July 2:
    Admiral Rebecca Tomlin is awarded the highest medal in the UN Spacy (whatever that is), posthumous. Several others receive lesser medals. Galaxy Four is offically disbanded.

 [ 2037 ]
    May 12:
    Galaxy Patrol Four is reformed, with entirely new crews and ships, who are well aware of their fleet's legacy. The Flagship is SDAC-04 Lexington, under Colonel now Naval Captain James Taggert. Fleet commander is Vice Admiral Leonard Smith.
    June 7:
    Galaxy Four participates in the UN Revolution War.

 [ 2039 ]
    June 18:
    Galaxy Four participates in the Delta War II.

 [ 2047 ]
    SDAC-04 is reassigned to Earth Defense Fleet. ZR-7 Etrakis replaces her as flagship, Captain Ysebeau Alkatra at the helm, General Grieger Hashiluk as the new commander. SVF-2 Bounty Hunters, SVF-84 Jolly Rogers transfered to GP4 with Etrakis.

 [ 2048 ]
    Galaxy Four is sent to Tei Tenga in order to defend New Unity Citizens from Anti-UN forces. Captain Ysebeau Alkatra replaced by Captain Dreden Tylor.

 [ 2049-2050 ]

    Galaxy Four is dispatched as escort for a survey team to System ST-KSB. First encounture with Settite forces, Raviel fleet. SVF-142 Ghostriders reactivated, Lt. Colonel Komilia Jenius in command.

 [ 2051 ]
    Due to strange illnesses on board the Etrakis, approximately half the crew is replaced. Joshua Youngman comes on board as Captain and the newly reformed Ghostriders are disbanded.


[historical data as reported by Shade, Hellfire, and Illusion]


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