Fourth Galaxy Patrol of the United Nations Spacy


Game Mistress/Masters

Illusion (Head GM; Jolly Rogers)
Lone Wolf (A-GM; Bounty Hunters)
Vertigo (A-GM; Foxfire)
Joker (A-GM; Ghostriders)
Foreman (Q-GM; Etrakis City)
Shade (Advisor, Q-GM; Etrakis City)
Hellfire (Advisor, Q-GM)


NOTE: All players are allowed and encouraged to play incidental NPCs when necessary or desired, so long as these NPCs do not alter the game plot. (Examples would be waitresses, unimportant technicians, and the like. NPCs that players cannot post for include doctors, bridge bunnies, and NPCs that are run by the GMs.)



The price of freedom is eternal vigilance...
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