Fourth Galaxy Patrol of the United Nations Spacy


ZV-5 UNS Etrakis

The flagship of Galaxy Patrol Four is the mighty UNS Etrakis, a Nupetiet-Vergnitzs bis Class Medium-Scale Fleet Command Battleship. The Etrakis is a massive 4000mL X 600mW X 655mH and weighs 180,000,000 tons. It carries 3100 human-sized personnel, 4750 human-sized combat troops, 1500 Zentran-sized personnel, and 6700 Zentran-sized combat troops for a total of 16,050 people. Click here for the troop shift rotation schedule.

The main engines (auto heat pile system) are capable of a maximum speed of .20 C (32,000 mps). The auxiliary engines (fusion reactor) max out at Mach 3. The ship maintains gravity via an internal inertia drive and has an Auto Hyperspace Navigational System with which to calculate folds.

Click here for the Etrakis' weapons systems.

Click here for the Etrakis' combat capabilities.

For a deck-by-deck breakdown, click here.



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