m a i n
c h a r a c t e r s
m o r t a r h e a d d s
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l i n k s


Mortar Headds

Mortar Headds are, essentially, mechas.

But unlike traditional mechas which are simply just machines, Mortar Headds (MHs) are humanoid bio-mechanical creations that measure up to 15 meters in height. Mortar Headds are actually sentient and have primal emotions and thought patterns. Every Mortar Headd has two controllers: the Headdliner in the chest and the Fatima in the head.

Mortar Headds are thought to be first created in the year S.C. 0980. Back then, it was known as the Machine Messiah. It's existense in the Joker System marked the beginning of a new age for Fatimas and humans alike. Changing forever the course of history...

The cockpit of the MH is located in the chest where the Headdliner resides and manages the movement of the MH. The Fatima's position in the head of the MH is to manage all the systems of the unit like communications, scans, teleportation, weapons, etc. Since a Mortar Headd draws strength from the mental interface with the Fatima, the quality of a Fatima could determine the outcome of a battle. Less advanced Mortar Headds do not employ Fatimas. Instead, they use a primitive form of Fatimas called Etrimls which are without doubt, of lower grade. In any case, an Etriml equipped MH can never defeat a Fatima equipped MH.

Mortar Headds are usually armed with some sort of sword weapon or a beam powered swords called spadds. Additional weapons in the form of anti-personnel lasers, bombs, missiles or mines are usually carried by the MH. Some specialized MHs even carry surveillance drones or even jet packs to enable them to fly short distances. Shields and veils are also part of a MH. Some of the sheilds carry the support systems of the MH inside them and therefore relieves the main body from too much burden. Veils are sometimes equipped with offensive weapons such as blades to enable them to counterattack while parrying an attack. Shields and veils are therefore not only for the Mortar Headds' protection but also as a symbol of their prestige and power. Rarely MHs do not carry shield. Only advanced or assault MHs are built without them.