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Welcome to the Anime-Manga Roleplaying Network.

This site hosts anime-based roleplaying games created by site members and developed using the Fuzion gaming system. We are play-by-post, meaning all action occurs on message boards. The things that are prized most highly in our games are creativity, style, and realism according to the laws of anime. This last, of course, varies depending on the game; what happens every day in a Magical Girl setting would make no sense in a serious mecha anime setting.

Game Masters, or GMs, are the arbiters of these games, sovereign in the universes they help to shape. However, the players are also responsible for building the game universe. Not at all passive, a player in the AMRN works to tie his or her character into the existing plot, and to open up new possibilities for future stories. In this way, while the AMRN is technically a stat-based roleplaying game, it can also be viewed as collaborative story-writing.

Discussion of plot is highly encouraged between players and GMs alike, whether on OOC threads or through email or in chat. The final product on the board, ultimately, should be a treat to read and reread. The mission of the AMRN, then, is to provide entertainment not solely for the players or GMs, but for all who happen by.

The Anime-Manga Roleplaying Network has been in existence since 2001, when the Macross Roleplaying Network expanded to allow for games in other anime universes. The Macross Roleplaying Network was originally founded by Mute in the mid 1990s on Compuserve, and has since then moved, first to guvava.com and finally to unspacy.com, the current home of the AMRN. In 1998, Hellfire became Administrator of the MRN, and in August of 2001 Illusion joined him in a similar role in the newly-formed AMRN. In 2004, Hellfire and Illusion retired, leaving administration in the hands of Azrael.

This site has hosted many different games over the years, including the following: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Bubblegum Crisis, Dark Macross, Five Star Stories, Macross II, and Robotech: Invid Invasion. For information on the current games, please click here. Those who are interested in creating a new game for the AMRN should see here for information on how to do just that.