Tuesday, August 04, 2020


Please visit our new roleplaying site, unspacy.net!

Welcome to unspacy.com. This is the archival site for the Anime-Manga Roleplaying Network, a play-by-post RPG that ran from the mid 1990s through fall of 2012. You can read game archives starting from approximately 2003 at the Game Boards link. These games are no longer active.

In the beginning, the AMRN was called the MRN, or Macross Roleplaying Network, and it focused, of course, on the universe of Macross. The records from these early days are either lost to time or only exist on veteran players' hard drives in text files and Word documents.

The MRN was founded by Mute, who oversaw the games on Geocities, then at guvava.com. Around 1999, Mute passed the reins of admin to Hellfire, who registered unspacy.com and moved the games here.

Over time, as interest in games in anime universes beyond Macross increased, the name of the site was changed to Anime-Manga Roleplaying Network. The site was host to many different games, including an alternate-reality Dark Macross, Gundam, Bubblegum Crisis, Lodoss, Five Star Stories, and Sailor Moon. The Macross game flourished with several subgames, including GP4, Sound Force, Rubicon, Detachment Gamma, and the Rim Expeditionary Force, which became the Arcadia Task Force, then Eagle - Restitution, then the Phoenix. The Macross games took place in the same gaming universe, Macross 2051, and sometimes there were crossovers. Characters also moved from one game to another.

In late 2012, the message board software used to run the AMRN was discontinued. Rather than try to copy everything over to new software, the game masters decided to start an all-new site, unfettered by the AMRN's long history. That site is unspacy.net.